What It Means to Be A Writer

Some days it means not getting any writing done. Your brain doesn’t want to work, or there is no time. At best, you manage entries that may be deleted later on from a fan website.

Some days it means someone only believing you’re a real writer only when you get a “big” project. And despite that, you know you are a real writer. You always are, if you say you are a writer.

Some days it means you don’t know how to take a break. Even if taking a break would be a good idea.

Some days it means you don’t know how to get restarted. And that is okay. There are some stories and comics I’m not ready to touch again.

I’m on vacation at the moment. There is a little time for writing, but there is WiFi so I can log in my word count, check mail, and make these posts. There are two anthologies for which I want to finish stories, but even one story would be great. I’ll also see if I can take a break.

But I want to say this for the people out there: you are a writer. It doesn’t mean you write every day. It means that you write. Period. And you are real. You exist. I see you.


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