This Year’s Gratitude

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. My brother helped out in the kitchen to make a delicious Indian fusion cuisine. He did a good job, if I say so myself, assembling a pumpkin pie in a square pan. We added some ginger and cinnamon to the pumpkin puree to taste.

In all honesty, this holiday reminds me of how our country’s history is very mixed. I also have some reactions to certain family members who I will not name, but who have earned my ire regardless. On Thanksgiving I officially cut one off and have not yet heard any response, which to me signals a lack of caring. Still, I have a list of blessings for this year that rotten politics and jerk relatives can’t erase:

  1. We are still here. We are alive.  I kept thinking this year that we would all be killed.  While we have to mourn everyone who has died as a result of a certain regime, the survivors with and without privilege .
  2. That the good people in my life, including my family and friends, are here.
  3. I started a writer’s support group, that I hope to use to help fellow writers and myself.
  4. This year in Nanowrimo, which is a hodgepodge of the writing done during this month, I’ve hit the thirty-three thousand word mark. That is an accomplishment, even if it isn’t fifty thousand. The words include several rants on pop culture and media, interview questions with authors and artists from Book Riot, two complete short stories, and several incomplete ones. Somehow I am still writing, while believing we are in a constant crisis.
  5. The videogame Cuphead came out and was a rousing success. Cuphead is a homage to vintage animation, which proves that you can tell a great story and still get frustrated. The live jazz band is totally my jam, with a capella openings and a villain song that matches Disney’s best music.
  6. Ducktales is a critical hit, and knows how to tell stories for Disney fans with nostalgia.
  7. Netflix has good animated shows like Voltron and Trollhunters. You won’t believe how much of a struggle it can be to find good shows.
  8. People are not accepting tyranny lying down. We are fighting back.
  9. I have the power to cut bad people out of my life.
  10. Lin-Manuel Miranda. The man never fails to comfort or provide compassion for those in need.
  11. Angie Thomas
  12. Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer as a team, with their son Ash.
  13. Book Riot
  14. DisKingdom

The end of the year is approaching, as is our ability to recollect. 2018 I hope can be the year of recovery, where I can start my support group in earnest and provide writing sprint help.  I also hope to bake a little more, and play more violin. But we will see.

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone. We can remain grateful, and angry about how the world can be better.


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