The Things A Person Should Do While Working From Home

Every week I make a list of goals and what I want to accomplish. Then I compare them against what I actually did. Below is what I think I should be doing while working from home for my day job:

  1. Get outside every day to get some sunlight.
  2. Remember to dress in different clothes every day.
  3. Find a healthy creative outlet for realizing your regular routine is disrupted.
  4. Drink water
  5. Plant the seeds on the weekend that you mean to plant. Clover revives dead spots!

These all sound like good goals. Then you ask, “But what are the things that a person actually does?”

  1. Get outside every day to bike at sunset, after clocking out of work. You notice that dogs that are barking once in a blue moon are downright adorable. It clears your head as the sun casually sinks down into the water.
  2. Dress in different clothes every day. You have plenty of shirts and pants that fit the bill.
  3. I write every day, paint a little once every few weeks, and eye the ball of air-dry clay that I could turn into something wonderful.
  4. I remembered to fill my water today and take a few sips. Does that count? How about herbal tea?
  5. Not yet. Need to clear some weeds from the designated area first and find spots for clover. The key lime sapling is watered every three days, however, and looks great.

Little goals make all the difference in making us feel accomplished. The shutdowns are disruptive for routine, but they will help reduce the number of people who get sick from coronavirus. If we only leave the house for essential things like groceries or such, then we reduce the amount of exposure.

It’s going to be interesting working from home for a couple of months at a minimum. We are all doing our best to be productive and to stay calm. I hope y’all are okay and ready to tackle a new week.


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