The Sun Is Shining And The Birds Are Happy; Thoughts on Shutdowns

It’s so weird to be on shutdown. We are getting news that our president is blackmailing states by withholding ventilators. Then a ventilator is a last resort when patients are dying.  Trump is going to destroy the post office while the Democratic party has nominated Joe Biden. A recession is looming, with people losing their jobs or going on furlough.

Birds are still chirping outside, large and small. Parrots fly, while woodpeckers chip away at dead palm trees. Exotic iguanas are dipping their tails in the water to cool off. Not a fan of them, but whatever floats their boat. Squirrels bicker in the oak trees. Nature is going on, as humanity goes into panic mode.

We know that life will succeed us, whatever happens. Even if humans destroy our viable environment leaving the rich to languish in bunkers and never accept responsibility, the birds won’t care. That is both sobering and reassuring.

We may open up in May, despite the lack of reassurance that the curve has been flattened. It may take several more months. The parrots will sing and fight over nests.


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