The Stages of Quarantine Grief

  1. Denial – This isn’t so bad. We’re still working from home, grocery stores are still open. The weather is nice, more time with families.
  2. Bargaining – Going out once a week for grocery shopping won’t kill anyone, a person can hope, and we respect the six feet rule. No yoga class? No problem! I’ll do virtual classes. Someday, I swear. Yoga at home is not the same as lying down in a studio.
  3. Anger – People are taking hydroxychloroquine from others with lupus and autoimmune disorders just because an ignoramus with no idea of moral hazard recommended it? Are they going to jump off a cliff while they’re at it? Some are calling this a hoax? Have they seen the posts of doctors that have lost their friends and coworkers on the front lines? Do you know my sister was in New York and saw the worst of it?
  4. Depression – When will this end? A year? Two years? Am I going to see my friends again on Sundays?
  5. Acceptance – Unsure when this is ending but finding ways to cope.

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