The Goals Not Accomplished

Back at the beginning of 2019, I set three goals: write one long work, work on a video game script, and write a fandom musical. After that, I had written them on a dry-erase board and set them on my desk. I’ve had the dry-erase board for ages. It’s now blank, but I took a picture before I wiped this year’s goals away.

The video game script is still ongoing, and the musical? Forget it. That is probably not going to be written for a while until I learn how to compose properly. In relation to it, though, I wrote down and sang roughly ten “bad” songs that were either fandom based or original. My plan with those was to get in the ten thousand hours of work required to master a skill. Some hours have been logged.

I did get a novella written, for Unnerving Press’s call of horror media. That took several months, to get the story down and to polish it for submission. But it got accepted, and I can’t wait to see it out in the world!

The year is nearly over. A new question arises: what can be done next year? And what can we expect?

I’ve been pondering 2020 as the New Year approaches, knowing that the opportunity to actually work on these stories can grow smaller depending on life circumstances. People also have a hard time sticking to resolutions after making them. I would rather stick to mine, and choose basics. It’s understandable; we overestimate our abilities.

My first goal is to work on the video game script and get it done by May 31. I also know that I can write novellas in a year, so I will make that another goal by the end of August. If I can get more done, then kudos to me.

Happy new year to you all. Let us all achieve our goals and next, and beat the bad timeline theory.


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