Writing In A Cafe

Since the pandemic, I haven’t written much in cafes, at least not as much as I used to in grad school and during my first…


Ending My Toastmasters Presidency: Looking Back At An Era

Two weeks ago, we held virtual elections in Toastmasters, a chapter of a public speaking organization. I’ve been attending for seven years and counting. Last year I was elected President, and accepted the nomination when realizing that no one else had time or spoons to be president.


Best-Laid Halloween Plans

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I adore the costumes, the candy, and the atmosphere. It’s a time to be scared, while still feeling safe. You…


Volunteer Days

One benefit of the pandemic is that many conventions have gone virtual. It means that I can either watch them on Zoom, or participate even….


One Year

It’s been a year, apparently. Time flies. The COVID pandemic had hit our public awareness and went from the news that flashed on our phones…


Someone I Know

Someone I know is dying. He’s in a country miles away and has developed blood clots in the brain. No, it is not the virus,…