Single Spaghetti and Puppy Bowl: Different Kinds Of Love

Normally I do a post about Single Spaghetti Day because that is how Valentine’s Day is. It means celebrating being single and having no shame about it. Things changed…because Puppy Bowl aired the day before Valentine’s. Sadly Kitten Bowl has been canceled for this year on a competing channel, but a person can’t have everything.

Puppy Bowl is one of my favorite annual events. On Animal Planet, several dozen pups compete on a field with some squeaky toys and balls, taking frequent water breaks and calls from the ref. Kittens play in a halftime show, giving off strong cuteness vibes. You can get a penalty for “Trash-talking” in many barks, or napping for too long on the turf. The best part is that all of the rescue animals involved have homes by the end of the final quarter. While a touchdown is great, a puppy or kitten having a loving family is much better.

It was hard to sit still on Sunday and watch the play on Puppy Bowl, even with spaghetti for lunch. I felt restless since my regular writer’s group was going on virtually and I am planning about a million things at once. Yet there is joy in seeing big and little dogs run around. I think that Baxter needs to not tangle with Ted. E Bear. since a pug won’t do much against a Goldendoodle. It was easier to think about this on Valentine’s Day, about my love for the type of program.

Superbowl came on, but I mainly saw the halftime show. Snoop Dogg was at both Puppy Bowl and Superbowl this week, pulling double duty. He sang for one and coached in another. I got reminded of the Puppy Bowl inspiration, that we go from football to toy balls to home rescue dogs.

Sometimes Single Spaghetti Day doesn’t matter, because there are puppies and kittens. They remind you of different kinds of love, like the affection of when a puppy gains focus, and a touchdown.