New Book is Out!

I am super excited. Yesterday was the book birthday for my debut Offstage Offerings. It’s out from Unnerving Press, with Eddie Generous as the editor, available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback. The lead Vivian takes a job as a camp counselor at a haunted theater. She thinks the kids will be the biggest problem, but there are hauntings and mysterious sounds, and drippings. Vivian soon realizes a mystery is underfoot, and she needs to take charge of it to save everyone.

Offstage Offerings came from my memories of going to summer camp. Our local science museum had a day camp for kids and teens, including musical theater, horse riding, and criminology. While we never had enough kids for the stage, for some reason, we would always have the spirit to put on a show. One counselor was super cool and always looked young; she served as the inspiration for my lead, Vivian. Caro, I hope you’re out there and know how you and Calvin made a positive impact on me.

Obviously, it’s a horror story, so there is horror in it. Some deaths occur, and there is violence. Plus, an aura of mystery and theater ghost stories. Some of the aura took influence from a ghost tour I did with my sister before the pandemic. That was fun, and cold in New Orleans during MLK weekend.

I can recommend that Eddie is a great editor. He knows how to get to the heart of rewrites and to figure out how to enhance a story. Eddie is also an expert in horror movies and sent a list of recommendations to get into the spirit of a proper horror novel. I enjoyed watching them and studying the effects, as well as the scares.

This was quite a journey, and I enjoyed going with Vivian to find her story, and unlock secrets that are locked up in dark basements. I hope to hear your thoughts, as I stir the pot for the next book on the horizon.


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