Here we are. We are living a dystopia novel. Our technology connects us in positive and negative ways, but we don’t have flying cars or hoverboard. A bunch of jerks manipulated our system to gain power and money, while enacting pointless cruelty. There are children in concentration camps. That is exactly what they are, and Godwin of Godwin’s law gave his blessing on Twitter to allow people to equate that.

And yet, while we are trying to resist, to fight against our world turning upside down and accepting cruelty as normal, we still have to get up in the morning, drive to work, and buy groceries. We have to check what vegetables are on sale, when dairy products expire, and if the car has gas. Having to go through

We have to go through the motions, while staying mindful of our situation. Parents have to drive their kids to school, if they can, and earn a paycheck. Writers have to write and meet deadlines. The world isn’t okay. The world isn’t normal. We can never accept this as normal. And yet we have to act like our lives retain some sense of normalcy.

It’s okay to cling to routine, to normalcy. We have to cling to our motions. Some of us need to shut out the tragedies so as to function, and some of us need to be mindful of the cruelties going on. Someone I thought I could trust made a very tactless comparison, and they are not included in this. They just need to keep their mouth shut if they can’t help.

Writers, if you can write, we need you more than ever. If you can’t write, that’s okay as well; it’s not a creative time. I want to help you write.


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