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The Best of A La Mode

Carousel. Alban Lake.  Kindle Edition

Neo Mecha Mayhem, Alban Lake.

Short Stories


Ferry – Deimos Ezine

Frightened Children – Liquid Imagination

The Fish With Legs – Aurora Wolf

Forgiveness – Aurora Wolf

Benny and Shango – Aurora Wolf

The Lion in the Wave – Indian SF

The Musician – Youth Imagination (under the pseudonym Jaya Lakshmi)

The Soothsayer – Sorcerous Signals

Porphryia: Dazzle Con Debut – Future Fire

The Farthest Nebula – Mantid Magazine

The Castle’s Women – Expanded Horizons

The Opera Singer – Nightmare Magazine, originally published in the anthology She Walks in Shadows

The Jeweled Jungle Nawab Retreat – Beneath Ceaseless Skies


“Red Dust.” Drabbler Harvest, Alban Lake.

“Memoriam.” Where the Stars Rise,