I’m Alive! And Updates

Hi all. Just wanted to let you know I’m okay. I’m alive. I just haven’t posted much. For that I apologize. My goal will be to write one post a month at minimum, even with Nanowrimo coming up in November. It promises to be a good tale if I start writing it.

First, Alien Dimensions has printed “Found on Proxima B,” my tale about kid astronauts navigating an alien ship. I recommend buying the issue, which has other great stories, and giving it a read! We need travel to far off places in our minds.

Alien Dimensions #12 cover

Neo Mecha Mayhem came out, and so far it seems to be doing well. I’ve mailed out review copies to five people, and am excited to hear the response and the potential discussions about colonialism and dystopia.

In September, my family and I went on a trip to Europe. Thus, I was out of town when Hurricane Irma hit. Our family found our flight cancelled as we got the news that Irma was becoming a category five. My siblings scrambled to travel to another city where we could wait for another flight back home. They managed to do it, and to reschedule the flight when it got cancelled again. The airport wasn’t open till the end of two weeks ago. I can say that it is good to be home. And I am both relieved and guilty, since some of my friends had a lot of damage from the storm, while others lost power for weeks while taking care of children and pets.

Satellite Image of Hurricane Irma

We were fine in the hurricane. A few trees fell, but nothing too major apart from having to wait for some of the roads to clear. Our house was okay, having survived three hurricanes in previous years. There is a lot of debris, which I can taste on my tongue every time I take a breath outside. We were very lucky. Our neighbor’s house to our right had been demolished, so it was the first year in forever that we had an empty lot on the right.

Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico in the meantime, so we must keep the territory in our minds. 75 percent of the island has no power, and 25 percent lacks accessible drinking water. I donated to the Hispanic Federation, and urge others to do the same. Lin Manuel Miranda and many others have taken up the call to deliver relief and resources. Our government seems to want to hand repairs over to corporations with financial ties to the administration.

That’s all the updates for now. Hoping to do a Halloween post soon! In the meantime, see you later!”


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