Earth Day Cuttings

I admit that I have half a green thumb. Things that I plant may sprout, but they may not get past the sprouting stage. Coneflowers seem to work best with me, and then left to their own devices.

At a vinyasa flow yoga class on Saturday, I had completely forgotten it was Earth Day. The class was packed, and we did several poses related to Tree and connecting with nature. It was fun, and definitely tiring. My thighs are still sore. Still, going was worth it. It felt good for my heart, and my muscles.

We were gifted these plant cuttings at the end of the session. I had a bad feeling when I spilled soil while carrying it and trying to open the door to the entrance. After all, half a green thumb does not mean I have coordination after vinyasa flow.

The cutting is still outside currently, in the front porch. I’ve watered it a little. It also does look really nice, if a little droopy. I’m wondering if the trip in the car was too much. So far the cutting is still alive and I’m keeping it out of sunlight. Apparently direct sunlight exposure can hurt the plant’s delicate leaf.

Plants do make the world better. They also require a lot of care, even the low-maintenance ones.That little bit of green, with some flowers, can make all the difference to a person’s mood.

In yoga, you have to do the same thing. You need to take care, and invest in maintenance of your body. That means identifying when you can’t balance, or when your thighs cramp during a pose. It can be annoying and inconvenient, but it is necessary. Helping your body grow requires putting in the work, and knowing what your muscles need.