Collecting the Goals You Miss

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Happy Halloween and All Saints Day! Keep an eye out for departed souls, and for spirits from last Halloween. I hope you all got some good candy, dressed up, and had fun. My brother and I started watching The Good Place, a dark comedy about the afterlife, morality and ethics.

My short story “The Serpent of the Lake” is published at Expanded Horizons. Feel free to take a read if you like discussions on colonialism and Hindu mythology.

Some years, you make goals. You want to feel accomplished, to know that you feel a sense of control over your time and energy. And who knows, actually accomplishing the manageable makes a person feel good.

I made a small goal to practice violin once a month, for every month. I kept that goal up for a while; my violin didn’t necessarily improve, but I made an effort to put in a little bit of time. There is a comfort to putting your fingers to the string, and rubbing rosin against your bow to prepare for a play.

Last month, I broke that streak. The same month, I broke my streak of posting to this blog on a regular basis. A few things happened in October that made me not care or have the energy. And so my violin remained in its case all month. I did draft a blog yesterday that I will post later.

Despite this, I made other goals. In July, I wrote one flash fiction piece a day for a Deviantart challenge, and did 31 drawings for Inktober. I’ve gotten five short story acceptances, from drabbles to three-thousand word tales. During the spring and summer, I worked on a rather big project for hire that will come out in 2019. My friends joined an online writers support group that I run. These accomplishments matter.

You have to appreciate the steps you make, and keep making goals that you can manage. Focusing on just your failures can demoralize a person. And goodness knows, a lot of demoralizing events have occurred this year.

This month, I’m hoping to tackle Nanowrimo and write 50,000 words in a month. In addition, I hope to keep submitting to  anthologies and magazines, and support my friends in their endeavors. That is all a person can do. And I will resume the violin. This year isn’t over yet. Plus, I want to record some Disney songs so a friend can dance.

Have a good month, everyone. Stay calm next Tuesday, and remember it’s all right to get derailed. What matters is finding out how to get back on track.


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  1. That is such an important point––to pay attention to the wins we make, not just the losses. It’s a hard lesson to learn. I’m so proud of you for making those publications. That’s awesome!

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