Blocks and Fools

As you can see, I didn’t celebrate April Fools. I didn’t play pranks, since my tradition is to write a short, funny fanfic. I managed three hundred words while out of town for two days with the family. We had fun and got quite a few good photos and experiences.

April Fools is one of those days that we either love or hate. Some people on Twitter have pledged not to play pranks because they can be quite cruel, and we now know how easily the truth can be manipulated outside the holiday. Me, I can’t pull off a prank to save my life and as a kid I was super gullible, as my older brother can tell you. For that reason, I only tell funny stories on April Fool’s and establish that they are fictional fanfic.

Now. Onto writer’s block. I suffered from it badly last week, despite meeting my word goals. It was an effort to finish the stories I had, and to draft interview questions.

The term “block” is an interesting term. We can use it to refer to an obstacle in our way, physical or emotional. We also use “building blocks” to refer to the fundamentals of constructing towers in kindergarten, of crafting human DNA,  or even assembling life according to biology.  How can something we can use for building also stand in our way?

It’s because sometimes we expect ourselves to build too much. Some writer’s block is caused by the fear that we won’t write something of high quality, and we have to face our mediocrity in the moment. In February, I stretched myself too far by setting too many goals to accomplish. That carried on into March. I’ve learned that I have to pace myself and know my limits.

Forward is the only way to go, just more slowly. So forward I go, into the unknown of April.


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