Another End, Another Beginning: Looking Back at 2018

We have reached the end of 2018. My love goes out to everyone who has done good this year, who has created or written or drawn or sung something new, and who has spread their joy.

Everyone else who has done harm, who justifies the people they’ve hurt, the cruel words they’ve spoken, I squint at you and I judge. You know who you are. Rot in the nether void that probably comes after life.

This year has been too short and too long. Getting involved with politics is more taxing, because the other side does not have decency. The other side claims two children deaths is decent, and the inhumane conditions of camps that should not exist are heartbreaking.

The Best Things About This Year

  1. Marvel movies – A year with Black Panther as a game-changing hero film is a good year. It was so nice to hit the movie theater and enter another world, with special effects, humor, and tantalizing villains. Shoutout also to Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse for redeeming Sony after those awful incriminating emails!
  2. Winning a rejection contest – About 101 submissions, with roughly eighty rejections. I hope to do even better next year and reach those hundred submissions sooner. Due to winning the contest, I’ve earned a Funko Pop and possibly a video game.
  3. Having a few cool publications in anthologies and various magazines, as well as a bigger project coming out in January- Those will be listed in another post in full. But I am happy with what I have produced.
  4. Another round of DucktalesSteven Universe, and Milo Murphy ‘s Law – Disney and Cartoon Network have outdone themselves in telling good stories. I am glad for the twists that Ducktales and Steven Universe provided, to remind us that cartoons can take us far from home and make us scream, while Milo will continue to make us laugh.
  5. People drawing comics – I love good comics that tell a story, and entertain us with beautiful art. The comics I discovered this year were wonderful. I hope 2019 brings more.
  6. Friends that share your righteous anger and joy – If not for my friends, I wouldn’t have as much breathing room.
  7. Netflix – Seriously, just Netflix. Streaming services and the shows on it are amazing. I’ve fallen in love with Hilda, Voltron, and Castlevania.

The Things We Need to Improve:

  1. Politics – We should not have any administration where children die in camps, and are not even allowed to hug. Period.
  2. Quality of living for those who cannot afford it – Enough said. And no judging people because their lives were harder, or easier.
  3. General kindness to others – Basically, don’t be racist, sexist, or transphobic. Be nice. It’s not hard.
  4. Broken systems – Because if we don’t, evils will continue to persist. We need to fix our systems.

I hope the lot of you had a decent year. Mine had ups, and downs. I’m happy about the writing I did, and what I accomplished.

Have a Happy New Year. My main resolution for 2019 will be to write with more emotional connection. I hope to learn what connects people, and how to make those connections.


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