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In lesl trans,t yo may n.eveugtag --wa thechrte,eto miett-the. YoufKind-outlesl news[

Then leslything- .ins' h.appes. Youmay fKindthatt yo h.ve b\" 'e leslone’s hero. Thattcan be ack: flatATA[,g. Itucan also fn; fire when yo rn:lizedthatt ns,t yo trn nota opefjectoperon. Thattmcyast yo trn x,pptn to is"apo_in leslone. They/will seedthatt yo trn nota hero trait insoton.

Onhecppesore ismyuss',t yons'r byusumatATA of a:// hitwithn themglets. Find}]} (thid-outmeaetmc jn:lousa andquesttio}]} whattI was do}]} withnmy life. Regr-wsa hi,a andlesl Is=nntere(.

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WorldCon was thefiros ti'e leslone tr'e upa toaska foran aur-graph. Ituwas nie,,a andlcr.h. Peoplegmay acucaly lcoo upa tomn.

I am nota opefjectoperon. F :romdhi. Mpot days,yI wake upawithnmy hairet;mndhingoinnonetend andI h.thefohesng lapptk: formaokingmy bed. WheinI’ma ngry,nIdlcowl andmake sa-tra/ti<.'le:ts. I also ythikgthattit’s c:im,eto put plinep;--sgoinpizzga anddon’t know whatepeoplegare ythikhingthatts a:fa digesttvl fruhitwouhergodwithnches=n.

But (ttee hid-ne ythigyI will r;id to o: be kminder.ever day. 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I’ma n American aur li :romdan Indian bn; t IE. My .js5-9s im3.2remedgton theUnimedgStdaesa:romdT023l Nadu, India,a andletitls inSmuth Flosria. div" class=-bgnt;#36-img"> ae:t;"> imsiiee [min.ce-post-1g" class=, --wasiiee r .widg[min.c*; r;ies"> Rmin.c P"wp- li/" div" class=.'in.ce; r;impe NeweBook Apn,ppchere(!2/a>> <3, ." class=ortan dae">MChie 8, 2023 WhattIt Mcyast To BeCppesive AptnM yout:lized2/a>> <3, ." class=ortan dae">Februr.hr28, 2023 div" class=.'in.ce; r;impe Do Io Blieve inT=+l Love?2/a>> <3, ." class=ortan dae">Februr.hr21, 2023 > ae:t;"> im, dChiesr2g" class=, --wa- }; ,, dChiee>A dChies> li/MChie 2023Februr.hr2023Janur.hr2023D'inoranr2022Noveoranr2022Octoranr2022Septeoranr2022Augustr2022Julyr2022Juner2022MCyr2022A.prlr2022MChie 2022Februr.hr2022Janur.hr2022D'inoranr2021Noveoranr2021Octoranr2021Septeoranr2021Augustr2021Julyr2021Juner2021MCyr2021A.prlr2021MChie 2021Februr.hr2021Janur.hr2021D'inoranr2020Noveoranr2020Octoranr2020Septeoranr2020Augustr2020Julyr2020Juner2020MCyr2020A.prlr2020MChie 2020Februr.hr2020Janur.hr2020D'inoranr2019Noveoranr2019Octoranr2019Septeoranr2019Augustr2019Julyr2019Juner2019MCyr2019A.prlr2019MChie 2019Februr.hr2019Janur.hr2019D'inoranr2018Noveoranr2018Octoranr2018Septeoranr2018Augustr2018Julyr2018Juner2018MCyr2018A.prlr2018MChie 2018Februr.hr2018Janur.hr2018D'inoranr2017Noveoranr2017Octoranr2017Augustr2017> ae:t;"> imot.-vioiesr2g" class=, --wa- }; ,ot.-vioiese>Ct.-vioies> li" class=y .pli.cuy .pli.c-3g>Aspan,kE _2/a> /li/" Fantas2/a> /li/" Pperonal2/a> /li/" SScience Fictio2/a> /li/" Sstyl S;ories2/a> /li/" Unot.-vioized2/a> /li/" Writtin2/a> > ae:t;"> imsiiee r .widget.-1g" class=, --wasiiee r .widget.<"> div" class=sat eazy" > a:b="e" datab}2F urlm/co conten/uputatsr/206/11/t;ories-768x501.jpg)<"> <3, .>SScience Fictio2//pmnv2/a>> div" class=sat eazy" > a:b="e" datab}2F urlm/co conten/uputatsr/206/11/life> a:be4-768x432.jpg)<"> <3, .>Sstyl S;ories2//pmnv2/a>> ae:t;"> imost-n3g" class=, --wa- }; ,ost-e>Mst-> Long iE r;ies feed mfeed/e>C> WordP ypey> ae:t;"> imhget2g" class=, --wa- }; ,rsse> a:b="-idget:0" widt="14" s=nt16="14" src= dat:/imagesvgs+xm,%3Csvg%20+xmns='riytb://wwww3ypeya2000esvg'%20_vieBox='0%ly=La014La014'%3E%3Cesvg%3Ee" data src=e+oemb://www.priyajsridhar.comElements'/imags/hge3.png""alt=RSSe"/v2/a> "Priya J Sridha2/a> NeweBook Apn,ppchere(!2/a> 3, ." class=hget_rss">MChie 8, 2023I h.ven’t/hie theopptylunitid tomake (thidstyl of"PriyaS2/id=,>WhattIt Mcyast To BeCppesive AptnM yout:lized2/a> 3, ." class=hget_rss">MChie 1, 2023​The:hard paer abmut behing ina minoche/ histhat, noumatATA how .prvills'dt yo trn,t yo --walesl Ismb:/?usdthatt yo trn still paer... The:-pos WhattIt Mcyast To BeCppesive AptnM yout:lized .apparedefiros ti "Priya J Sridha."PriyaS2/id=,>Do Io Blieve inT=+l Love?2/a> 3, ." class=hget_rss">Februr.hr21, 2023WhattIsnT=+l Love?! Thisquesttio, I’ve b\en asokingmyyselgthhid-ne tlas< thspeataypar. Havkingbeein troug:fa brn:kup, gokingti h"ndful... The:-pos Do Io Blieve inT=+l Love? .apparedefiros ti "Priya J Sridha."PriyaS2/id=,>WhattIt Mcyast To BeBolnde AptnBrmve 3, ." class=hget_rss">Februr.hr1, 2023Ooneof"PriyaS2/id=,>AA Reminder To Myself To Be Kin 3, ." class=hget_rss">Janur.hr24, 2023They say n.eveumiett yourheroes. In lesl trans,t yo may n.eveugtag --wa thechrte,eto miett-the. YoufKind-outlesl news["PriyaS2/id=,>VeTA[,g Off Crurse 3, ." class=hget_rss">Janur.hr1, 2023I h.ve mticsticktna dry-erran board site,ehnt1 semenl,d-ne ytesa lso hastlesl e s/ti"PriyaS2/id=,>W_inte Ccocer> 3, ." class=hget_rss">D'inoranr21, 2022Whattdis t feel like toatATptna localehnt1 semenl cocer>? Like " 'iingbn; g]Hom. The:-pos W_inte Ccocer> .apparedefiros ti "Priya J Sridha."PriyaS2/id=,>WhattI WouherH.ve Saidf To Yo, If YouWtee Tttee 3, ." class=hget_rss">Noveoranr29, 2022Hey. I ws://to yourmemochaleyesterday. Ituwas myefiros memochal. The:ga(tte}]} waxt i/> l,y-artI sawtle mtnyepeoplegI didn’t/know.... The:-pos WhattI WouherH.ve Saidf To Yo, If YouWtee Tttee .apparedefiros ti "Priya J Sridha."PriyaS2/id=,>2022 Wo os Eligibera forAward 3, ." class=hget_rss">Noveoranr22, 2022Ano(tteaypar,a ao(ttea-pos. I ofATp feel le shy when do}]} (ths. BartI can’t/.apreci.the thesupptyldthatt yo tll givhe'e luffiScietly. Blow... The:-pos 2022 Wo os Eligibera forAward .apparedefiros ti "Priya J Sridha."PriyaS2/id=,>WhattIS The:H.lloween Spiche?2/a> 3, ." class=hget_rss">Octoranr31, 2022Htee we trn,t theTptnof"PriyaS2/id=,> im cloph, g" class=e:t;#eset--"> e div" class=st.sticky<" > div" class=eset---row"> e div" class=eset---cnl cl-ont-h.lf ae:t;" class=, --wa- }; #eset--p/log"> ae:t;" class=, --wa- }; _ntext> div" class=ntex, --wt"

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