2022 Works Eligible for Awards

Another year, another post. I often feel so shy when doing this. But I can’t appreciate the support that you all give me sufficiently.

Below are the pieces of fiction and nonfiction that I feel are eligible for wards season. While I didn’t publish as much fiction as I wanted to, there were some acceptances. When those stories are published, I’ll put them in next year’s post.

I’ll post what I did last year in terms of eligibility, courtesy of the Nebula website. It remains straightforward.

Per the Nebula website, “All works first published in English, in the United States, during the calendar year, in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction genre are eligible for the Nebula Awards® in their respective categories.”


“Sharks and Dolphins.” Published in ROAR Volume 11, July 2022

“The Bees Didn’t Do It.” Published in The Fifth Di…, September 2022.

“Steps to Determine if Marcia Is Really Murdered.” Published in DRABBLE HARVEST 6: MURDER, SHE DRABBLED. Amazon Link is here.


For places where I have published more than three works this year, I’ll list top four. It was a prolific year for nonfiction.


Carmen Sandiego should have made me realize I was bisexual” – The title says it all, as I discuss what made Carmen so appealing to the 1990s gamer. Yes, it is a shameless piece.


I’ve been publishing regularly to Medium over the course of this year. It’s been fun doing recaps, book reviews and more.

What To Do While Waiting For Chapter Three Of Deltarune – Deltarune is a game in-progress, with two chapters having come out since 2018. We have a long wait ahead of us.

The Owl House: Season 2 Overview – This is one of my most popular Owl House articles, summarizing the themes and character arcs from season 2. I do a deep dive into the villains and how they all fell.

How To Underestimate The Power Of Animation: Daniel Zaslav’s 20-Billion Screwup- Changes with the Discovery-Warner merger are badly affecting shows like Infinity Train and Final Space.

Shadow In the Night, Light In The Dark City: Remembering Kevin Conroy– We lost our Dark Knight this year. I wrote about why Kevin Conroy was my Batman and what he brought to the role.


Superjump moved to a website independent on Medium this year. I’ve been contributing monthly articles, reviews and analyses. Below are my top four.

Why I’m Still Meditating With Playne – Playne is one of my comfort games that I use for meditation. It is very useful for remembering to meditate every day.

How Cuphead Taught Me to Care About Ergonomics – When playing games, you need to remember to take care of your body.

Gatekeeping in LGBTQ Fandom – I wrote about how gatekeeping can happen in fandom, and how videogames can break down those barriers.

Martha Is Dead’s Ending Derails the Rest of the Game – This game frustrated me so much. I talked about the dangers of the ableist horror tropes that it uses, and why it was very not cool.


Forget Bridgerton’s Kate and Anthony: What About Kate and Edwina’s Happily Ever After? – Joysauce reached out to ask if I could write about season 2 of Bridgerton, namely about the Indian leads Kate and Edwina. I’m really proud of how the article turned out.

This Season’s Unsung Hero Of The Umbrella Academy – I pitched an article about Lila’s character journey as an Indian who is raised by a white lady, and struggles to regain her identity.