2018 Short Stories that Qualify for Nebula Awards

This is the first time I’ve made a post like this. But this is a first.

Below are the story stories I’ve published in 2018, that are eligible for awards, specifically Nebula Awards. The Nebulas are awards presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and are given to qualifying stories for fantasy & science fiction.  If any SFWA members want to nominate my stories, I would be very much obliged

Per the Nebula website, “All works first published in English, in the United States, during the calendar year, in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction genre are eligible for the Nebula Awards® in their respective categories.”

“The Serpent in the Lake.” Expanded Horizons – This story was a fun take on colonialization and on nagas. A gopi on the run stops in a factory town to stop a mysterious illness.

“Poetry Support Group.” The Internet Is Where the Robots Live Now – Tumblr revealed that Russian trolls had created bots and sock puppet accounts, and I was starting a writers’ support group. Here, a moderator tries to ban bots from a Google Group about poetry.

“The Dishonorable God.” Battling All Her Finery – This is a short story about The Mahabharata, an Indian epic that rankles a person with righteous fury when they read of what the heroes do.

“Tidal Bloom.” Broad Knowledge: 35 Women up to No Good – Aliens are scary things, as are unpredictable natural disasters. This story is dark but has finally found a good home.

“Unfashioned Creatures”. We Shall Be Monsters – Nothing like a good old-fashioned look at Mary Shelley to start the New Year right.


Thanks so much, and Happy New Year!


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