When Your Favorite Word-Counter Goes Down

I have been using 750words.com nearly every day since I was in college. The website has a free application, that requires for you to write 750 words a day. It will keep track of your words, and ensure that you have a place to save the work. It also accepts copy-paste which is useful when you’re jumping from tab to tab. You can make sure that you meet the goal on a daily basis.

The website was down for one day on Thursday, December 2. Why I don’t know, but thank goodness that it was post Nano so that we could do all our tracking. I put all of my Nano goals on a google doc and then I would let the computer calculate the wordcount. That helped me update every day. It was actually the first time where I updated Nanowrimo every day, and worked with it. Usually I forget to update, and that causes problems. In any case, it worked out.

750words.com works for me because not only do I like tracking, but I also like simplicity and reliability. You simply have to change the screen if you wish, and type your words. Alternatively, you can copy-paste and then see the word count crawl up. Copy-paste makes a huge difference when you’re writing under a tight schedule. The premium version is also very affordable, at only 5 dollars a month. It allows me to take a break from a streak if I’m going out of town and will lack access towards a computer. That happened once, and the 5 dollars allows me to have some peace of mind that it’s okay to take a break once in a while. Otherwise, I can get very frantic, and have to deal with the onslaught of those emotions that come with the ticking of midnight as it comes closer.

I am glad that 750words.com has been gracious about the shutdown and maintaining streaks. It’s nice to have writing tools and backups for your daily work. or sometimes for your daily leisure.